Absolutely! Most women do not understand that our breasts change as we age, and are indicators of the health of in the rest of the body. In the 25 years, | have been a Registered Massage Therapist, I have found that women tend to be shy or unaware that the old saying, ” an ounce of prevention beats a Lb. of cure”. It is important to know our bodies and understand the changes our breasts and ourselves go through and then we can easily correct and maintain with self care. Join me Sunday, Feb 24th from 1-3pm, a women’s only workshop that will empower you through touch, knowledge and self love and care.
Participants will also:
  • Take the Breast Health Test, to determine many known and unknown links to health and disease.
  • Learn general anatomy and self care of the breasts/massage.
  • Learn how Postural structure can effect neck, shoulders, back, and chest.
  • Learn how and why self care, diet, water, PH levels,and exercise can affect breast health.

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Bring a friend and let’s talk, have some tea, and some self care.

Sarala Thompson, RMT

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