I am excited to present a Method for Self Healing and Recovery through this 10 week series of experiential classes. We are our own healers and often struggle with that concept has we don’t have the proper tools, guidance, knowledge but most importantly we don’t build that Resiliency and Inner strength that can only come with cumulative, consistent effort to push forward until we breakthrough.
NeuroPathReset Method is a combination of tools I have learned and Incorporated into my practice over the last 20 years studying the Mindbody connection.
It combines the Principles of and Involves:
*Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
*Mindfulness and Awareness
*Visceral Self Stimulation of Organs
*Stimulating Electormagnetic Energy through the meridian network
*Breathing techniques with Vocal Sounds
*Integration period
Conditions It Helps With:
*Chronic Pain
*Chronic Fatigue
*Trauma & PTSD
*Anxiety & Emotional Stress
*Alignment Issue – Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Pelvic, SI Joint
*Neuropathic Pain
*Chronic Digestion Problems
*Concussions & Head Injuries
*ADHD & Hyper Activity
*Highly Sensitive Person
*Headaches & Migraines
What will you learn?
Tools you can use daily in sequence, or separately to help you facilitate change through the MindBody.
With time you will achieve resiliency, emotional strength and reverse patterns in the body, mind and life. You will change the alignment of your body, release negative patterns and create space for new habits and life.
Your Instructor Mihael Mamychshvili
Mihael is the Lead Therapist of Angel Hands Integrative Programs. His speciality is reconnecting the communication between the mind and body. His innovative approach to the body and broad knowledge and experience has lead to his reputation as a therapist who can initiate transformative change. After becoming a Shiatsu Therapist in 2001, he has developed his own style of therapy and methodology that focuses on the body-mind connection. He has helped clients change and transform through his treatments which look at the complete person. Developing strong palpation skills through 16 years of bodywork and 20 years of mind-body studies, he has a gift to understand and translate what your body is trying to communicate.
Your Investment:
$500 for 10 week Series, (NO DROP IN)
Email mihael@angelhands.ca to register, Or if you have any questions.
Every Tuesday from September 25th - November 27th
Angel Hands Integrative