Once upon a time, fresh water was so abundant in ‘our world’ that we laughed at the idea of it being so good it could be bottled up to be sold. Now, a reality where it is being sold in so many bottles, and we’re waking to the idea that water is a human right. Unfortunately, there are many corners of the world where fresh water is not available. And in many cities, the fresh water available is being bottle and polluted by the very vessels that contain it. 


In light of world water day, we at Angel Hands here in Vancouver, BC… where we are blessed with some of the best water in the world… we’d like to take today to honor our gifts and to send prayers to all of those around the world who do not have the same fortune. Who better a person to help us send healing light to you and the rest of our human community on this world water day but Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Dr. Masaru’s work demonstrates that with the power of thought and intention we can change the make up of ourselves and of our world around us. We are made large in part of water. From our water to yours. Happy Water Day. May we all send ripples of love to ourselves and to the world around us. 



Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto 

much love,

your Healing Facilitators at Angel Hands 🙂




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