There are therapies, like Massage Therapy and Acupuncture which are covered more extensively than others. It is important to check with your extended medical plan provider for exact coverage amounts. Angels hopes to offer soon direct billing, but currently we provide the therapist’s registration information for you to claim with your insurance provider.

Some details:

Massage Therapy is highly accessible in B.C. This is due to its representation in every health region, its recognition by other health care professions, and its coverage under MSP, ICBC, DVA, RCMP and WCB.

Registered Massage Therapists or RMTs are primary contact providers, therefore patients no longer require a physician’s referral for MSP coverage. With concern over government changes in health care, there is some misunderstanding about coverage for massage therapy. Most patients are still covered under some type of insurance, it is simply the type & amount of coverage that has changed for some individuals.

Premium Assistance

Those who have a yearly income of $28,000 or less qualify for government premium assistance. This means that MSP pays $23 towards treatments, for a total of 10 treatments per calendar year for any combination of therapy, such as massage therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc.

Extended Medical

Most extended medical plans will cover 75-100% of the treatment fees. The patient should check with their insurer to confirm details.

No Medical Coverage

For patients with no government or extended medical, some insurance companies are now offering private policies. The MTABC can help provide information for any patients wishing to consider the option of purchasing private coverage.


If you have an ICBC or WCB claim, please note that at this time we do not bill ICBC or WCB directly. Please discuss coverage with your adjuster as it can vary greatly. Check to see if they reimburse for appointments or if they need to be billed directly.