Changing Attitudes Toward PMS

Menstruation – something women undergo rather than look forward to. We seem to have a lot of negative associations about that topic. This is of little surprise considering the fact that many suffer of cramps, headaches, changing moods, and irregularities to name just a few. You think that is normal? It does not have to be.

In other cultures, like the Himba in Namibia for example, a girls’ first period is happily celebrated. Californian Yurok women even feel at the height of their powers. Their strength during their so called “moontime” (their menstruation cycles are naturally synchronized with the moon), is be used for the accumulation of spiritual energy.

I believe it is time to rethink the topic and challenge our imprinted bad feelings about our monthly bleeding. From the perspective of a Shiatsu Therapist it is a gift. It is a wonderful way of detoxifying our bodies. Some even see it is a major reason why women life longer than men.

But when you do have difficulties with your period, how do you take more care of oneself in this busy world we are living in? The answers are as diverse as women are. While some need to eat more warming food, other people need more exercise. Sometimes the problems are connected to hip tension, sleeping disorders or bad digestion. In some cases the use of medication has a negative impact. Other reasons are to be found on an emotional level.

However there is one thing I have observed… All Menstrual problems have an Unbalanced Meridian System. Shiatsu, Acupuncture or similar methods can help you to restore this balance and overcome PMS and other problems related to your menstruation.

Whatever your personal struggle with your period is like, I am happy to help you find your individual way of loving or even celebrating those special days every month.

Silvia Eberl

Reg. Shiatsu Therapist and Medical Anthropologist

Documentary tip: Red Moon. Menstruation, Culture and the Politics of Gender

Himba celebrating a girls first menstruation:



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