Dynamic Tandem Treatments

Developed by Angel Hands Therapists to address acute and chronic conditions that require immediate fast relief. We have found that two therapists working in tandem, or at the same time,  allows for a faster effect by creating a synergistic reaction and maximizes healing in the body.

Any number of combinations of therapies can be combined but it is usually done on advice from a Lead Therapist who is already working with a client.

Here are a few examples of conditions we have had great success with:

  • PTSD and other Trauma symptoms using Hypnotherapy and Shiatsu Therapy
  • Chronic and Acute pain and alignment issues with Acupuncture and Manual Osteotherapy
  • Chronic fatigue and Chronic Pain, fertility issues, depression, and breach babies.
  • High levels of stress

Clients wishing to book a treatment are asked to please call the centre at 604 558 1926 or email info@angelhands.ca