***The 5 R’s to Boost Your Immunity***

Fear and Its effects on your state of operation (hypervigilance, overwhelm , freeze , flight and fight) , will weaken your Immunity and determine your rate of recovery if you do get sick.

I want to share some of the principles of what I teach in my NeuroPath Reset Classes.

The 5 R’s to boost your Immunity:

Re-Align – How you hold yourself , your posture , your feet, hips/pelvic , spine and head; can determine and affect your well-being. Fear and stress will affect your posture, sense of balance, coordination and alignment by creating, or triggering chronic patterns. The bodymind moves towards protective postures, which require tremendous Innate resources to maintain at the cost of your health. (More on that visually in a later post) . In short you can change how you feel through changing how you hold yourself.

Reset – a reset in your nervous system occurs after you introduce “Ease” into your nervous system . It’s a consequence of regulating the “Rhythm of Operation” (heart rate, brainwave activity, pulse rate, breath rate) . How does that feel? You are Calm , relaxed and grounded. This can be achieved with gentle, mindful movements around the joints done in a sequence.

Release – When your nervous system achieves a Reset, your body is ready to release what it has been “managing” for you. The abdomen, the domain of your visceral pain , is your gut wrenching experiences, your stress, emotions and anxieties . Your second brain is ready to release the day to day and the accumulation . In my classes I teach how to do that with your own hands safely. But at this point allowing emotions to flow, moving them with movement (exercise, walking, yoga , dance , stretching , sound) can help tremendously.

Resiliency – your breath, your heart rate and your nervous system. When fear takes a hold of us and we succumb to a state of stress it will weaken us in every level of our being , in every system in the body as internal and external input overwhelms us.. We become less resilient to triggers, emotional storms and viral pathogens . You ARE in CONTROL when you start to control your breath . I have been a fan of breathwork and meditation for 20 years and a few years ago I studied with Wim Hof , The IceMan. His method of breathwork and cold exposure allows you to build strong resilience and has been proven to boost Immunity.

Re-Integration – Is the sum of the first 4 R’s and the beginning of a natural innate movement towards homeostasis, healing and change. I call it “Falling back into yourself”. Like a feather slowly, gently floating back down. Like a coming home experience the home is you without the noise, the pain, the identification and distortions . This is when a path of action is laid in front of you and the seeds of your desires can grow. This is where your Innate “Power” is felt and you feel empowered.

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