Mihael Mamychshvili

Reg. Shiatsu Therapist - Co Owner - Lead Therapist

Mihael is a Master Shiatsu therapist who focuses on reconnecting the communication between the mind and body. Since becoming a Shiatsu Therapist in 2001, he  has helped clients change and transform through his treatments which look at the complete person. He has evolved his approach and methodology, creating a unique blend of Eastern and Western manual techniques. Developing strong palpation skills through 15 years of bodywork and 20 years of mindbody studies, he has a gift to understand and translate what your body is trying to communicate.

As an experienced therapist with more than a decade of treating thousands of clients with success,  Mihael is recognized by alternative as well as conventional health agencies like VGH Cardiac Rehab Centre, Diabetes Association and The Cancer Society where he is often asked to be a keynote speaker or educator. He has become well known for treating “tough cases” and extremely effective at chronic pain, frozen shoulder, digestive issues and more.

  • Featured in the press and magazines like Fit For Life and North Shore News
  • First “alternative” therapist to be invited to speak at VGH Cardiac Unit
  • Past President of the Shiatsu Association of BC
  • Creator of “Everything Shiatsu” Facebook group which boosts 3000 members
  • Has become known in health circles for treating effectively “tough cases”
  • Co- Owner and Lead Therapist of Angel Hands Integrative Centre
  • Provides continuous mentorship, training to all Angel Hands therapists

Mihael recognized the need for a health centre that addressed the complexities of modern day diseases and complex pain issues. So in 2012, he and his business and life partner opened Angel Hands Integrative; a centre with a dynamic, collaborative team to not only help people get better, but to offer a platform of change and transformation.

Being an avid educator, Mihael believes  that ” You are doing a disservice to the patient if you do not educate and provide tools at the same time”. Angel Hands is continuously providing workshops and facilitating talks or volunteering out in the community. Part of “being an angel” is a culture and philosophy of giving back and helping those who are in need of support.