Sara Gebriel, Life Style Consultant

Sara Gebriel, Lifestyle Consultant

As a registered holistic nutritionist and trained life coach for the past 15 years, Sara has taught and coached over 3000 people in classes, workshops, trainings, talks, and giving one-to-one sessions. She trains the finest holistic nutritionists in the field as Senior Instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Her typical client has reached a point in their life where they want more quality rather than quantity. They enjoy eating real food, feeling good, not only in their body, but in their mind and emotions too. She believes strongly in supporting mental and emotional healing. To achieve real clarity, calmness, and focus, Sara uses a number of approaches including mind –clearing processes, and the principles of Chinese medicine food therapeutics and the energetics of food to support physical healing. Her clients experience true clarity, calmness and focus while they excel in life.

This fresh approach to wellness allows clients to work in areas of their interest such as:

  • Improve one’s relationship with food; to be balance and peaceful
  • transform long-term stress -related patterns.
  • be supported while challenged by anxiety, depression, trauma and through other life changing events.
  • improve relationships with oneself and others
  • learn to establish and maintain healthy personal boundaries.

Her simple and direct approach does not rely on analysis, advice or adopting a new belief system. Its effectiveness lies in self-reflection and honest communication between facilitator and client. If you are feeling stuck in your life or just can’t move forward, book an appointment with Sara to get you back on track.