In our first video of "Ask A Counsellor" series, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Virginia Lundy gives some advice on what to do during a panic attack.
Have you noticed how oftentimes those who struggle with addiction get most of the attention, but those around them not so much? In this week's episode of Ask A Counselor, Virginia Lundy, RCC, MSc shares practical tips on how to support yourself if a loved
Have you ever wanted to support someone you love through the grieving process, but weren't sure how? In this episode of Ask A Counselor, Registered Clinical Counselor Virginia Lundy shares 3 simple tips on how to do just that.
To all the mothers out there, a special reminder from Angel Hands' Co-Owner and Lead Therapist Mihael Mamychshvili to take care of yourself, and how Shiatsu helps mothers.
Find out how mothers can sleep better with the help of Naturopathic Medicine.
Registered acupuncturist, Lisa Davicioni, shares insights on how induction through acupuncture responds to the unique needs of labour and pregnancy, maternal health, as well its benefits for the baby's health.